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ARTEMISE, Aube Recycling and Mercurial Elements Treatment provided by lighting Resources is a society created in August 2011. Its main activity is the treatment of lighting resources. The society is located in Vulaines, in the Aube department at about 160km from Paris, at the exit n°21 of the A5 highway.

Used lighting resources, which are considered as hazardous waste, are part of the family of WEEE: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Such kind of waste is subject to the decret n°2005-829 of the 20th of July 2005 which deals with Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and the disposal of these wastes.

The company’s leader wanted to keep this activity in France, particularly in the Aube department. Thereby, he always wanted to develop this industry in order to put this project in a sustainable development perspective.
Artemise deals with decomposing different kinds of light bulbs in order to give each component a second life, according to environmental standards. The lamp treatment cost is supported by the RECYLUM eco-organism, so it reduces all charges for waste producers.
Treatment is carried out by product family. This treatment provides raw secondary materials. The tubes are crushed and sent to a separator carpet. The separator belt separates glass, fluorescent mercurised powder and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. All our processing machines are equipped with extractors and filters that can capture mercury vapor. A permanent controller measures the levels of mercury at the end of the chimney.